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Objective: To help industry unlock the Circular Economy value in their business and to equip them with a practical tool kit to actively identify and pursue Circular Economy opportunities.


Embedding Sustainability in the core of your business models

Date: 16-February-2019
Venue: FICCI Federation House, New Delhi

Target Audience: The session is designed for professionals, managers, product leads and entrepreneurs wanting to rapidly up-skill their knowledge and action potential. In this session you will discuss Circular Economy, existing circular business models and their economic benefits, and a group session during the workshop to help you build a transition strategy your practice and projects to circular systems design. actively participate in circular design, gain deeper knowledge on the tools of the circular economy, and design projects that have positive impacts. Methods and practices that will give you a head start in leading and designing products for the circular economy Purpose-driven leadership capabilities to give you the clarity and strength to navigate through adversity + complexity, ability to create and drive momentum towards positive social and environmental change.

Key takeaways for participants:
  • Understand what the circular economy is, in theory and in practice
  • Gain insight into the differences between the circular economy and the linear system of production, consumption and then waste that has been the status quo since the industrial revolution.
  • Explore negative impacts tied to our resource-intensive and waste-filled linear system
  • Learn about the growing movement, from governments to industries, to shift towards a circular economy
  • Discover ways that you can embrace the circular economy
  • Understand the difference between our existing, resource-draining linear systems and the circular systems needed for a regenerative, sustainable future. You’ll learn about both the Circular Economy model and movement and will gain insight into how governments, industries and individuals are shifting towards it.
Structure of the workshop:
  • Principles of Circular Economy and Circular Design, understanding these principles using examples
  • Evaluating the current business process to discover where circular principles can be used given the current scenario.
  • Building capabilities via collaboration.
  • Measurement of the circular efforts, thinking about triple bottomline.

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Circular Economy Symposium (CES) 2019:

Objective: Further strengthen the business case for CE through industry dialogues, B2B and a consortium of Industries on CE.
Venue : FICCI Federation House
Date : 17 – 18 June 2019

Partnership Opportunities for CES 2019
Open to explore partnerships/engagement with key Indian/International institutes, initiate needs assessment with industry in advance to take stock of their expectations from the symposium. Partner with CES 2019, for an empowered access and enhanced branding/visibility among global sustainability leaders and key stakeholders.

Why partner:

  • Leadership demonstration - showcase your organisation's commitment to sustainable development and circular business solutions
  • Gain recognition - amongst the global gathering of Circular Economy Crusadors. CES is endorsed by highest policy making bodies like NITI Aayog
  • Opportunity to conceptualize and conduct - special sessions on Circular Economy and be the drivers to bring change
  • Network with Global Leaders- Collaborate and Share
For exploring collaboration opportunities, please write to us at

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