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Date: 06-February-2019
Venue: FICCI Federation House, New Delhi
A formal training program aimed at supporting & creating support champions of change in India through a formal training program.

Target Audience: Middle and Senior level managers from functions such as Business strategy, sustainability, EHS, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, technology and new product development.
Key takeaways for participants:
What is the Circular Economy and why does it matter for your company? How could Circular Economy drive value for your company? What are the typical Circular Economy value creation opportunities in your industry? How can your company become a leader in Circular Economy?
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Circular Economy Symposium – Second Edition
The second edition of the symposium brought together over 200 delegates from industry, start-ups, government and civil society, corporates showcasing innovative strategies and practices that will enable the Indian Economy to achieve sustainable economic growth through circularity.
The event ensured usage of eco - friendly material (kits) and minimal wastage of resources thus declaring this event as carbon neutral.

Download the Carbon neutral declaration report
Download the theme paper on Accelerating India’s Circular Economy Shift: A Half trillion USD opportunity
Download the proceedings document for the event.


Circular Economy Symposium (CES) – First Edition
CES 2017, deemed as an exclusive event for India, was incepted with an objective to mainstream Circular Economy Principles in Indian businesses for long term value creation.
The first edition witnessed the release of the Knowledge paper/Green book on ‘Start-up Ecosystem Survey and Best 10 Ideas: Eco-innovators/Waste Management Notable Startups/Organizations in India’: The study is based on a primary survey as well as secondary research on the waste management scenario, policy framework and scientific research papers

Download the Green book released during the event
Download the proceedings document for the event.