Circular Economy Symposium (CES)

COVID-19 has brought with it, a wave of disruption for every fabric of human society and these ripples of disruption have in turn brought global economy at still and pushed it backwards. At the same time, the positive impact on environment due to break on wheels of economy also not remain unnoticed.

Considering the need and importance, the fourth edition of Symposium is curated with “Circular Economy for Green recovery” as central theme. Green recovery would not just help us to tackle environmental challenges like climate change, it would also help economic recovery through creation of jobs and opportunities. The deliberations at symposium involving all relevant stakeholders will surely trigger actions towards policy review, help organisations to realign their strategy and create an action plan for promoting climate neutral, competitive economy with right ingredients for green recovery.

With better control over pandemic, economies across globe have started to show signs of recovery. It is paramount that we must not get into trap of falling back to old ways. In this scenario, a transition to a CE is both a necessity and an opportunity, with the potential to offer long-lasting economic, environmental, and social benefits. We also need to be mindful of the long-term nature of the circular economy transition, global sustainability objectives and meeting the needs of future generations.

Keeping the above objectives in mind and driven by its vision to promote knowledge and action on Circular Economy, CE team at FICCI is contemplating discussions that re􀃸ect on systemic actions that are needed to shift towards a more sustainable and resilient economy. With peddle on recovery of economy the society, businesses, and government shall reassess the design, consumption, and handling of resources to create efficient systems that enable circular economy.

Top Reason to Attend

  • Curated & Designed by Sustainability leaders and practitioners from Industry to suit need of all stakeholders
  • Enhance your understanding on implementation of CE tools and be a part of the interactive learning through Masterclass on CE
  • Brings Policy Makers, Global Leaders, Practitioners, and Experts on a Common Platform
  • Gather Insights of Knowledge Paper on ‘Sustainable Plastic Packaging in India’ highlighting approx 11.4 Billion USD opportunity
  • Learn from best practices & practical case studies from globe
  • Opportunity to participate in Masterclass on “Circular Economy” from Expert

Programme Focus

  • Reflection & Opportunities emerging out of COVID 19 & Circular Economy
  • Power pitches from the Globe
  • Role of Public Policy & Governance in Circular Economy
  • Alternative Packaging – A systemic change towards thinking Circular
  • Investing in Circular Economy: Drivers to invest and ways to shape the future
  • Circular Economy: Building the Ecosystem
  • Deep Dives: Agriculture, Textiles, Water Recycling

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased understanding to unleash business potential of Circular Economy
  • Increased capacity for the delivery and promotion of Circular solutions
  • Increased multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Increased understanding of how new technologies and digitization are changing the face of the future of economic development
  • Best practice knowledge exchange
  • Increased awareness of advanced technologies that can impact material/resource efficiency

Partnership Opportunities for CES 2020

  • Leadership Demonstration – showcase your commitment to sustainable development
  • Opportunity to conceptualize and conduct special sessions on circular economy and be the drivers to bring change
  • Gain recognition amongst the global gathering of Circular Economy enthusiasts. CES is endorsed by MoEFCC, DST and NITI Aayog
  • Network with global leaders, highest level policy makers from Central as well as state governments and key value chain actors
  • Brand positioning and visibility
  • Access to remarkable change makers in India

For exploring collaboration opportunities, please write to us at