CE Committee

In our continuous endeavor to provide value added services to the Industry at large, FICCI Quality Forum (FQF), has been working in the Environment consultancy space since 2005 with a vision to drive environmental excellence in enterprises through the means of various capacity building initiatives and conferences focused on new and contemporary science-based methodologies. As part of our activities in this space, Circular Economy Symposium was launched in 2017 to drive the Circular Economy agenda forward in India.

To continue our leadership position amongst all Chambers in mainstreaming Circular Economy in India, we at FICCI, wanted to create a National platform to facilitate collaboration between a community of practice and excellence that promotes alliance of new ideas, is self-sustained and caters to immediate requirements in the sector including implementation for projects, relevant knowledge work in the space and policy recommendations at various levels.

The idea of constituting the committee was to work towards strengthening capacity building and developing Industry wide competence on the subject and bring up policy recommendations/ industry’s inputs to the Government of India which creates an ecosystem in the country that fosters innovation and enhance collaborations and partnerships amongst varied segments of industry including SMEs, start- ups to capitalise on available potential opportunities. A working group with members from across industry and Anirban Ghosh as chair was constituted to advise the team on subsequent symposium in 2018 and 2019, which was hugely successful and it focused on various aspects of the Circular Economy for the benefit of Industry at large.

The platform provided opportunities to share best practices and witnessed eminent speakers (national and international) across sectors sharing their thoughts on diverse issues. The knowledge papers released during the conference have been received by fraternity as value added work in the thought leadership space and feedback of all the conferences were very encouraging and received great media coverage.



Mr. Amit Sinha



Dr. Naresh Tyagi



Committee Members



Mr. Anirban Ghosh

Dr. Ashok Menon

Mr. Yogesh Bedi

Mr. Arvind Bodhankar

Mr. Siddharth Hande

Mr. Sundeep Singh

Mr. Surojit Bose

Dr. Chakradhar Byreddy

Mr. Prasad Pradhan

Mr. Mani Vajipey

Mr. Prabodha Acharya

Dr. Pradeep Panigrahi

Mr. Priyesh Bhatti


Special Invitees


Dr. Rachna Arora

Mr. Nimish Shah