Past Events

Circular Economy Symposium 2022

Date: 24-25 November 2022
Theme: Accelerating Circular Economy for a Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

  • Circularity Measurement: Challenges and Way forward
  • Role of circularity in achieving the Net Zero and Climate targets
  • Digitalization as an enabler to accelerate Circular Economy
  • Circular Economy: A key ESG Imperative
  • CEO Session: Driving Circularity through vision & strategy
  • Circular financing and green investment
  • Circular Solutions and Innovations (focused session with ICEA awardees)
  • Policies and Regulations on Circular Economy

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    Circular Economy Symposium 2021

    Date: 25-26 November 2021
    Objectives: To showcase circular economy solutions and global best practices on a common platform and support the industry transition towards circularity.
    Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased understanding to unleash business potential of Circular Economy
  • Increased capacity for the delivery and promotion of Circular solutions
  • Increased multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Best practice knowledge exchange
  • Increased awareness of advanced technologies that can impact material/resource efficiency

  • Sponsors and Partners of Circular Economy 2021

    Speakers CES 2021


    Circular Economy Symposium (CES) 2020:

    Objective: Further strengthen the business case for CE through industry dialogues, B2B and a consortium of Industries on CE.
    Virtual Platform
    Date : 15 – 16 October 2020

    Expected Outcomes

    • Curated & Designed by Sustainability leaders and practitioners from Industry to suit need of all stakeholder
    • To be a part of stakeholders deliberations on policy issues & recommendations to trigger change
    • Brings policy makers, global leaders, practitioners, and experts on a common platform
    • Access to Insights of well researched knowledge paper on “Sustainable Packaging”
    • Learn from best practices & practical case studies from globe
    • Opportunity to participate in Masterclass on “Circular Economy” from Industry Expert

    For exploring collaboration opportunities, please write to us at

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    Masterclass on Circular Economy - 2020
    Virtual Platform
    Date : 14 October 2020


    Circular Economy (CE) is a concept that brings management of resources and residues together in the interest of economy, livelihoods and the environment. In addition to addressing environmental sustainability, Circular Economy improves the businesses' competitiveness, generates employment and increases green investment flows. Essentially, Circular Economy aims to redesign the production and consumption systems by closing the loop. Across the globe, Circular Economy has received attention in the national agenda and has become a driver for the business to become competitive, responsible and future ready. This Masterclass is developed to coach practioners and policy makers on how to put the principles of Circular Economy in practice and on a scale.

    Program Objective
    • Understand the concept and evolution of CE
    • Know about the international trends and initiatives taken in India
    • Get exposure to various tools and economic instruments used in CE
    • Learn about the business models in CE through case studies
    • Understand the challenges and barriers and strategies to overcome
    • Mainstream CE in your organization by following CE principles in procurement, design, production, distribution, and takeback.
    • Become a leader in CE, establish a brand and influence the market and the supply chain

    Intended Audience
    • Sustainability Managers/ Leaders
    • Consultants/Professionals engaged in CE
    • Academicians/Researchers/Students
    • Policy Makers/Govt Representatives
    For any query, please write to us at

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    Circular Economy Symposium (CES) 2019:

    Objective: Further strengthen the business case for CE through industry dialogues, B2B and a consortium of Industries on CE.
    Venue : FICCI Federation House
    Date : 17 – 18 June 2019

    Partnership Opportunities for CES 2019
    Open to explore partnerships/engagement with key Indian/International institutes, initiate needs assessment with industry in advance to take stock of their expectations from the symposium. Partner with CES 2019, for an empowered access and enhanced branding/visibility among global sustainability leaders and key stakeholders.

    Why partner:

    • Leadership demonstration - showcase your organisation's commitment to sustainable development and circular business solutions
    • Gain recognition - amongst the global gathering of Circular Economy Crusadors. CES is endorsed by highest policy making bodies like NITI Aayog
    • Opportunity to conceptualize and conduct - special sessions on Circular Economy and be the drivers to bring change
    • Network with Global Leaders- Collaborate and Share
    For exploring collaboration opportunities, please write to us at

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    CES 2019 Symposium Proceedings




    Embedding Sustainability in the core of your business models
    Date: 16-February-2019, Venue: FICCI Federation House, New Delhi

    Target Audience: The session is designed for professionals, managers, product leads and entrepreneurs wanting to rapidly up-skill their knowledge and action potential. In this session you will discuss Circular Economy, existing circular business models and their economic benefits, and a group session during the workshop to help you build a transition strategy your practice and projects to circular systems design. actively participate in circular design, gain deeper knowledge on the tools of the circular economy, and design projects that have positive impacts. Methods and practices that will give you a head start in leading and designing products for the circular economy Purpose-driven leadership capabilities to give you the clarity and strength to navigate through adversity + complexity, ability to create and drive momentum towards positive social and environmental change.

    Key takeaways for participants:
    • Understand what the circular economy is, in theory and in practice
    • Gain insight into the differences between the circular economy and the linear system of production, consumption and then waste that has been the status quo since the industrial revolution.
    • Explore negative impacts tied to our resource-intensive and waste-filled linear system
    • Learn about the growing movement, from governments to industries, to shift towards a circular economy
    • Discover ways that you can embrace the circular economy
    • Understand the difference between our existing, resource-draining linear systems and the circular systems needed for a regenerative, sustainable future. You’ll learn about both the Circular Economy model and movement and will gain insight into how governments, industries and individuals are shifting towards it.
    Structure of the workshop:
    • Principles of Circular Economy and Circular Design, understanding these principles using examples
    • Evaluating the current business process to discover where circular principles can be used given the current scenario.
    • Building capabilities via collaboration.
    • Measurement of the circular efforts, thinking about triple bottomline.

    To register, please write to us at

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    Date: 06-February-2019
    Venue: FICCI Federation House, New Delhi
    A formal training program aimed at supporting & creating support champions of change in India through a formal training program.

    Target Audience: Middle and Senior level managers from functions such as Business strategy, sustainability, EHS, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, technology and new product development.
    Key takeaways for participants:
    What is the Circular Economy and why does it matter for your company? How could Circular Economy drive value for your company? What are the typical Circular Economy value creation opportunities in your industry? How can your company become a leader in Circular Economy?
    For registration, please download the registration form
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    Circular Economy Symposium – Second Edition
    The second edition of the symposium brought together over 200 delegates from industry, start-ups, government and civil society, corporates showcasing innovative strategies and practices that will enable the Indian Economy to achieve sustainable economic growth through circularity.
    The event ensured usage of eco - friendly material (kits) and minimal wastage of resources thus declaring this event as carbon neutral.

    Download the Carbon neutral declaration report
    Download the theme paper on Accelerating India’s Circular Economy Shift: A Half trillion USD opportunity
    Download the proceedings document for the event.


    Circular Economy Symposium (CES) – First Edition
    CES 2017, deemed as an exclusive event for India, was incepted with an objective to mainstream Circular Economy Principles in Indian businesses for long term value creation.
    The first edition witnessed the release of the Knowledge paper/Green book on ‘Start-up Ecosystem Survey and Best 10 Ideas: Eco-innovators/Waste Management Notable Startups/Organizations in India’: The study is based on a primary survey as well as secondary research on the waste management scenario, policy framework and scientific research papers

    Download the Green book released during the event
    Download the proceedings document for the event.