Circular Economy Symposium (CES)

COVID-19 has brought with it, a wave of disruption for every fabric of human society and these ripples of disruption have in turn brought global economy at still and pushed it backwards. At the same time, the positive impact on environment due to break on wheels of economy also not remain unnoticed.
With better control over pandemic, economies across globe have started to show signs of recovery. It is paramount that we must not get into trap of falling back to old ways. In this scenario, a transition to a CE is both a necessity and an opportunity, with the potential to offer long-lasting economic, environmental, and social benefits. We also need to be mindful of the long-term nature of the circular economy transition, global sustainability objectives and meeting the needs of future generations.

The Indian Circular Economy Award (ICEA)- India’s premier awards on Circular Economy is back. We are happy to announce that the entries for ICEA 2021 are now OPEN. We would like to encourage you to share your circular economy journey and stand a chance to be globally recognized as a circular economy leader. The ICEA is open to any product or service demonstrating circular practices”

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Our approach going forward will have following as value addition:

Indian circular Economy Awards (ICEA)

To recognize the effort put in the Circular Economy space by industry and individuals that have made notable contributions and brought in a change through their innovation and strategy.


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To organise a masterclass/workshop to help industry unlock the Circular Economy value in their business and to equip them with a practical tool kit to actively identify and pursue Circular Economy opportunities.

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CES 2021

The only gathering of Circular Economy Crusaders would focus on further strengthening the business case for CE through industry dialogues, B2B and a consortium of Industries on CE.


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